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Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

It Did.

Discovered, Dissected, and Mocked...
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Welcome to The Internet's Crappy Fanfictions Discovered, Dissected, and Mocked...! This is an LJ community dedicated fully to mockery of horrible fanfictions we find on the internet and if you don’t like it, we ask you kindly leave. If, however, you are entertained by this sort of thing, feel free to join. We don’t have many rules, but we ask that you please read them before commenting or joining. And they are as follows…

1. BE RESPECTFUL. We realize that this may seem a little silly, since the whole point of this community is to mock horrible fanfictions and be utterly rude to the writing. But, that doesn’t mean that we cannot still be kind to some. If you plan on being in the community or even merely leaving comments, we ask that you respect us, the other members and comment-leavers, and even the author of the story; we may be insulting their work, but that doesn’t give us any right to insult them directly.
NOTE: If you are an author or a friend of an author of one of these stories you see up here and would like us to take it down, please, e-mail us POLITELY(crappywebfics@yahoo.com) and we will remove it and give you an apology.

2. NO FLAMING FANDOMS. If a fandom isn’t your cup of tea, please don’t make a big deal out of it…because it is quite possibly someone else’s. This community isn’t mocking any fandoms…simply the crappy fanfictions that have been written for them.

3. YOUR REVIEW MUST BE BETTER THAN THE FIC. When writing a review, we ask that you exercise - to the best of your ability - correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and all that good stuff. ABSOLUTELY NO INTERNET SPEAK.

4. USE CUTS. To keep the page from getting too cluttered, it’d be nice to tuck things behind livejournal cuts. We ask that you include some information before the cut, just so people know what they're getting into...

Fandom: What it was written for.
Title: The title given to the piece in its original format.
Original Author: The pen name of the person who wrote it.
Rating: What the author rated it.
Original Summary: The summary the author provided.
Reads Like: (OPTIONAL) How does the story read?
Found On: What site did you find it on?
Linkage: A link to the original story.

When you review a story, be sure to only do one piece for each post. UNLESS it's a multiple part piece and all the parts need to be mocked. Note: When you do a multiple piece post, be sure to include the part numbers in parentheses after the title.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us.
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